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Happy Daddy Products is proud to present the best of the best, the top of the top, the grooviest of the groovy – our Happy Daddy Family. With pipe tools, dab tools, dab nails, tongs, scoops, accessories and even stickers, Happy Daddy Products manufacturers high quality stainless steel and titanium devices for the cannabis community with the hopes of ensuring safe medicating and, of course, Happy customers.

Proudly made in Oregon, USA.

Clean With One Hand

★ Pipe Tools from Happy Daddy

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Admit it, that glass smoking device you’ve been using is a real pain to clean.

In the past, there has been nothing designed to whisk away all the gunk that’s accumulated in the bowl – only haphazard attempts using found materials like wire hangers and street cleaner bristles.

Luckily, you no longer have to resort to such extreme measures; Happy Daddy Products now offers a nifty alternative for keeping both your glass and your fingertips clean.

If only your friends treated your glass this well, right? Our Happy Daddy Products‘ varsity lineup began with the Pipe Pal and the Bowl Buddy.

Available in 304 L Stainless Steel, Happy Daddy Products has patented these tools that allow you to hygienically clean your favorite glassware without scratching. The double sided blade and poking tool makes sure all the gunk is gone.

The Grindson soon was conceived, born with a hunger for digging in between the tightly grouped teeth of grinders of all shapes and sizes. The innovative little tool served a great purpose, and the world rejoiced.


Concentrate With the Other

★ Dab Tools from Happy Daddy

What began in an effort to keep your favorite smoking apparatus nice and clean has since developed into a wide array of tools to help users safely medicate without the risk of singed fingertips and toxic off-gassing.  Using the same high quality 304 L Stainless Steel along with Grade 2 Pure TitaniumHappy Daddy Products now offers tools that stretch the spectrum.

It began with the Buddah brothers: The Big Buddah, the Baby Buddah, and the Curly to their Larry and Moe – the Buddah Bomb.  However, the Buddah Bomb didn’t want to be the only one making strategic drops of sacrifice to the Dabber Gods, so the inevitable happened: Happy Daddy dropped the F-Bomb.  Though like potato chips, you can’t have just one so the Little F-er soon dropped as well.

Inspiration struck with an offer Happy Daddy couldn’t refuse, and the Globfather took its rightful place in the hierarchy.  Deemed worthy by those in search of of a scooping device perfect for solvent-less concentrates, a sequel was added with the Globfather II.

With success in leaps and bounds, a groovy stride in full effect, our trendy Slingers have hit it big. Offering not only a stylish accessory to the Happy Daddy arsenal, Slingers are a convenient keychain with five specialty titanium tools attached to one of our recognizable, must-have Happy Daddy lanyards.

Be Safe. Be Responsible.

★ Smart Solutions from Happy Daddy

In addition to a healthy collection of Happy Dabbers, the ever safety conscious Happy Daddy Crew has come up with the amazing Chommy Tongs to relieve the stress of plucking up a red hot piece of metal.

The newest member to the Happy Daddy Family – and our pièce de résistance – is our one of a kind Genesis Nail, a domeless titanium nail with a quartz insert.

Available worldwide through a number of retailers, Happy Daddy Products are coming soon to fine tobacco, smoking and glass shops near you.

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