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HDP Inserts


Inserts in both Borosilicate and Quartz. Boro inserts come with an image on the container while the Quartz are plain.

HDP Quartz Banger


American made (Black Market) Quartz banger nail. Comes in both M/F, 45*/90* angle joints and is available in both 24mm/30mm buckets.

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HDP Flat Carb Cap (with or without Handle)


Lost yours or need a backup?  Well you’re in luck!  Happy Daddy Products is proudly now offering our Flat Carb Cap, custom fit to complete our popular Genesis System, on its own, to ensure your nail is always accompanied by this fashionable and functional cap.  Now available – our Flat Carb Cap has been redesigned for the Genesis Micro too! Our HDP Flat Cap has so many possibilities.

Both the Genesis Carb Cap and the Genesis Micro Carb Cap are available with or without the handle (just in case you’d rather use a groovy custom handle instead). And just in case you want to have it colored, that’s another option you can make.

Happy yet?

Black Market Glass Quartz Insert


Made in America by Black Market Glass, our Quartz Insert for the Genesis System is a 2mm removable quartz “dish” that sits inside the Sublimination Head’s material chamber, just below the Sublimination ports. With the Quartz Insert, you get the taste of quartz with the heat retention of Titanium.

Awesome right? It gets better. We now have Quartz Insert Micros for the Genesis Micro! Get yours while supplies last. Happy Daddy Products offers these tiny little additions sold individually or in a convenient three pack (just in case you lose them frequently – don’t worry, we won’t judge you).