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Slinger Set


Our Slingers are your ULTIMATE Happy Daddy set of keychain sized dabbers.  Each Slinger features a HDP Keychain Fob and five – count ’em FIVE, handy Grade 2 Titanium dabbing tools, measuring 2.5″-3.5″ long. Pick up a set today in your favorite color(s).



The Baby Buddah


New and Improved • A shorter version of the Big Buddah™, measuring roughly 4″, this little guy delivers concentrate or essential oil to your favorite heated device. Titanium tool has hole, stainless steel does not


The Globfather II


Because The Globfather™ was worthy of the generosity of adoring admirers, The Globfather II™ has rightfully taken its place in the Happy Daddy Famiglia.



The Little F-er


Happy Daddy dropped the F-Bomb™ and it was legendary, but like nearly every epic hero, a sidekick was born.

Meet: The Little F-er™.

Just like the F-Bomb™, the Little F-er™ is a loving abbreviation for Fork-Bomb (but you can call it the Flower-Bomb, Flirty-Bomb, or Friendly-Bomb).