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Baby Buddah

$12.00 $10.00

New and Improved • A shorter version of the Big Buddah™, measuring roughly 4″, this little guy delivers concentrate or essential oil to your favorite heated device. Titanium tool has hole, stainless steel does not

Globfather 2 – NEW


Because The Globfather™ was worthy of the generosity of adoring admirers, The Globfather 2™ has rightfully taken its place in the Happy Daddy Famiglia.


Stainless Master Set

$50.00 $42.00

Complete set of all short SS tooling. The set includes the Original Pipe Pal, the Grindson, the Baby Buddah, the Buddah Bomb and the New stainless Globfather 2.


Big Buddah

$14.00 $12.00

This is one amazing multi-tool. It has a small spoon to reach inside standard quartz vials and then a dabber tool on the other end. The dabber tool can be used with skillets and large nails. There are many uses for this little number: the sky’s the limit.