Globfather 2 – NEW


Because The Globfather™ was worthy of the generosity of adoring admirers, The Globfather 2™ has rightfully taken its place in the Happy Daddy Famiglia.


Stretching 4″ in length, the stainless¬†Globfather 2 features a square head scoop 1.25″ inches long that will allow you to scoop up hefty amounts of concentrates at one time. Great for solvent-less concentrates, our idea of the perfect scoop is here for all your Happy scooping needs. Why Dab when you can Glob!


Now available in Stainless Steel

Happy Daddy Products are Made in the USA
with 304 L Stainless Steel & Grade 2 Pure Titanium.
Some Happy Daddy items are sharp.
(So don’t do anything stupid, okay genius?)
Happy Daddy Products does not accept responsibility for breakage or injury.
Products are to be used carefully at the consumers own risk.


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