HDP Quartz Banger


American made (Black Market) Quartz banger nail. Comes in both M/F, 45*/90* angle joints and is available in both 24mm/30mm buckets.

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Happy Daddy Products and Black Market Glass are happy neighbors in Beavercreek, OR. For five years they’ve been finding way to combine quartz and titanium, and now they bring you a nail priced to make you happy. We know that nails, like your stash, don’t last forever. There’s no need to pay more for a quartz nail that doesn’t go the distance when you can pay less for American made and all that goes with it. American sourced quartz with flawless welds and optical clarity for half the price.

Our quartz banger nail comes in 24mm and 30mm barrel sizes in joint size you need. Designed with a thick 4mm bottom and 2mm sidewalls— hold times are long enough to satisfy the biggest dabbers. Our nails have been designed to work with matching quartz inserts right off the shelf, which means you get to experience all the terps.


Time to get Happy!

Additional information

Bucket Size

24mm, 30mm

Joint Size

10mm, 14mm

Joint Angle

45*, 90*

Joint Sex

Male, Female


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