The Little F-er


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Happy Daddy dropped the F-Bomb™ and it was legendary, but like nearly every epic hero, a sidekick was born.

Meet: The Little F-er™.

Just like the F-Bomb™, the Little F-er™ is a loving abbreviation for Fork-Bomb (but you can call it the Flower-Bomb, Flirty-Bomb, or Friendly-Bomb).





This tool has a two-pronged fork to stab and grab as well as a bomber end. It works with all types of essential oils, and could also be useful for the next time you open a jar of olives – just at a nifty shorter style.

Our special fork design helps eliminate waste of essential oil, so you can enjoy every drop. Now you can drop the F-Bomb™ for peace and love – or you can roast the perfect marshmallow (not recommended without proper safety procedures). No matter what you call your new tool, you’re sure to love all four inches of it.

This Happy Daddy product comes in Titanium only.

Happy Daddy Products are Made in the USA
with 304 L Stainless Steel & Grade 2 Pure Titanium.
Some Happy Daddy items are sharp.
(So don’t do anything stupid, okay genius?)
Happy Daddy Products does not accept responsibility for breakage or injury.
Products are to be used carefully at the consumers own risk.

Additional information

Weight 0.015 lbs
Dimensions 4 in

Blue, Gold, Multi, Plain/No Color, Purple, Tiger Stripe

3 reviews for The Little F-er

  1. Chris

    My go-to dabbing tool.. The forked end cuts through shatter with ease!!

  2. trevor

    My favorite tool I’ve owned yet! The fork-like end of the tool made picking dabs out of crumble super easy! everyone loved my tool so much, they took it along with them…. ordering more!!

  3. Sandy

    I only use Happy Daddy titanium dab tools at my table. Ingenuously designed Happy Daddy tools make the best of my day having experience.

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