Mendo Dope Live in the Garden "Smoke One"

FREE Download of the song “Smoke One” from the new album Live in the Garden from our friends, Mendo Dope! “Pull out your Globfather and heat the nail”


Mendo Dope is a Northern California based group created by brother’s Daniel and Bryan Eatmon aka Old E and Bleezy. Born and raised in Mendocino County “Weed Country”, this one of a kind group is creating a new genre in the music industry, Cannabis Culture Music. Old E started writing rhymes in 2004 infusing a west coast style flow with a mountain lifestyle creating an original sound that was built up independently from the underground, Bleezy “the beat maker/producer” is the foundation of the Mendo Dope sound, together making unique rhythms’ combining all genres of music from hip hop, rock and reggae. Mendo Dope grew up on and was influenced by hip hop artists Mac Dre, 2 Pac, as well as reggae musician’s from the Marley’s, Sizzla and many more. Mendo Dope hit the scene in 2009 with their debut album and they have continuously released projects independently building a strong following of dedicated fans creating a “New Strain of Music” focused on the Cannabis Culture. Mendo Dope’s biggest project “Planters of the Trees” released in 2013, a double disc hip hop/reggae album that made an impact on the ganja farmers worldwide with their unique new style and sound. Soon after Mendo Dope locked in a sponsorship with TGA Subcool Seeds, one of the biggest seed companies in the world, and released a one of a kind album “TGA’s 10 Pack Of Mendo Dope” the first album that promoted a seed company and its genetics. In 2015 after numerous underground releases Mendo Dope teamed up with legendary Platinum producer K-Lou and recorded their first full studio album “Endangered Artist”, packed with live instruments and hard hitting beats featuring the hit single “Wanted Man”. Now in 2016 Mendo Dope kicked off the new year with the Worlds first album recorded in an outdoor marijuana garden titled “Live In the Garden”. This triple disc set included 18 tracks of Cannabis Culture Music, an instrumental version and a DVD of how this album was created outside in the first home grown studio. Gaining popularity Mendo Dope has now formed the official Mendo Dope Band and began touring California performing live at Cannabis Cups and Festivals promoting their one of a kind sound. We want to bring something to the game that’s missing, a rare positive sound with an educational message.


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