The Sauce Boss


The Sauce Boss has a rounded scoop on one end and a curved pick on the other.



Mining doesn’t have to be a scary descent into the dank. But every prospector needs the right tool for the job. The Sauce Boss with the scoop on one side and pick on the other means that you can carry out your own gold rush without without losing a single speck of precious ore. The Sauce Boss makes mining safe – no more inhaling harmful particles, coming home with your face covered in soot, or having to leave the house. You’ll be saying “heigh ho” without going off to work.


Happy Daddy Products are Made in the USA
This item is made from Grade 2 Pure Titanium.
Some Happy Daddy items are sharp.


Happy Daddy Products does not accept responsibility for breakage or injury.
Products are to be used carefully at the consumers own risk.


Additional information


Blue, Bronze, Plain/No Color, Purple, Rainbow/Multi, Tiger Stripe


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