The TI Buddah Bomb


Double ended tool, curved scoop on one end and a 45 degree bent circle on the other.



Happy Daddy’s Instructions:

  1. Remove the Happy Daddy tool from the packaging. We know you can do it.
  2. Now you must recognize that you have found your new best friend . Not that we want you to send your oldest friend packing, just tell him or her that you need a break.
  3. This tool has two ends, a large pick and the other has an eye hole (though your eye won’t fit through it).
  4. Heat your favorite device, place the concentrate/essential oil on it and your good to go – or stay in.
  5. Though no one is suggesting a renaissance of the 1990s, we know you’ll think this tool is Da Bomb.

Happy Daddy Products are Made in the USA
This item is made from Grade 2 Pure Titanium.
Some Happy Daddy items are sharp.


Happy Daddy Products does not accept responsibility for breakage or injury.
Products are to be used carefully at the consumers own risk.


Additional information

Weight .06 lbs
Dimensions 4 in

Blue, Bronze, Clear/Plain, Gold, Plain/No Color, Purple, Rainbow/Multi, Tiger Stripe


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